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We are making a difference!

What People Are Saying . . .

Donít believe us.
Let them tell the story.


Who We Are . . .

turnKey Taxes is a web app that allows local governments to raise tax revenue without raising taxes.

  • We import all of your taxpayer and payment records.
  • Analyze current and historical records to identify missing taxpayers and payments.
  • Work with you and your existing tax collectors to bring everyone current.
  • Assist with any delinquent collections if asked.

We have identified missing revenue for 100% of our clients across Pennsylvania by working with administrations to promote technology, best practices, accountability and transparency. Automation through electronic billing, electronic checks, and credit card payments places all this information at your fingertips.

Our solution is cloud-based and multi-user allowing your key personnel to work from one platform. Thatís the key.

We are making a difference and taking the lead to help you get there. Most importantly, we act as your partner and work with you to maximize the revenues that you are entitled to collect.

Since January 2016, we have identified over $25 billion dollars of untaxed top-line revenue.



Increase Tax Revenue

Raising taxes should be the last resort.

The Number One Way
to Identify Missing Revenue?

Know the following . . .

  • How many properties are in your community?
  • How about businesses?
  • Are all of your taxpayers current?

We put these counts on Page 1 of your login page. If any of these numbers goes down by 1, ask why? Our customers know all of these numbers. In these times, it's not enough to count the dollars. Knowing exactly how many taxpayers you have is the quickest way to identifying missing revenue.


Why does turnKey work so well?

After listening to hundreds of Municipal and School District Administrators, Tax Collectors and other industry experts,
we came to one very important realization.

It's a DATA issue!
We Fixed the Problem!! We found that the existing system is too fractured. Taxpayers exist in many databases - the post office, utility companies, tax collectors, waste management - just about everywhere, and none of them are accurate. So we made turnKey the 'System of Record'.
And it's working.

Why? Because your entire administrative staff are using the same records. Internal collections, building inspectors, code enforcement, financial managers, borough managers and even municipal auditors. Isn't it time to control your own data?


Getting Started

It has never been easier than this.

turnKey Taxes Software
What is Needed?

  • An internet connection
  • About 15 minutes to master
  • It's that easy
  • We work with your existing tax collectors
  • We load all of the taxpayer information
  • We back up all of your data
  • There are no software licenses


Bottom Line: turnKey works!

Welcome to cloud based technology. We begin by importing all of your taxpayers and integrate with your existing tax collectors. All thatís required is an internet connection and 15 minutes to master the application. turnKey is multi-user, so locating missing revenue becomes a collaborative effort. Over time, turnKey will build a complete encyclopedia of your taxpayer and payment records. Itís what you asked for and more importantly what you deserve.


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